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What Is Collaborative Divorce, And Is It Right For You?

Divorce is often described using terms like “battle” and “contentious,” but things don’t have to be this way. For a long time, litigation was the only divorce method available. Because the process is adversarial by design, it often creates or encourages conflict where none needs to exist. Thankfully, Pennsylvanians have access to a number of methods of alternative dispute resolution, including collaborative divorce.

If you’d like to dissolve your marriage without all the mud-slinging, a collaborative divorce may be your best option. At Ruppert Law Firm LLC, we offer experienced representation in collaborative divorce, and are ready to help you resolve your case as efficiently, favorably and peacefully as possible.

How Collaborative Divorce Works

Instead of litigating the terms of your divorce, collaborative law allows you to negotiate them with your spouse and in consultation with attorneys). At the outset, both parties sign an agreement to resolve their case out of court, and both parties retain separate attorneys who agree beforehand that they cannot represent either party in any future litigation. Since all parties sign an agreement not to litigate at the outset of the process, everyone is highly motivated to settle any issues respectfully and with dignity.​

Unlike a mediator, who must remain neutral, a collaborative attorney can offer legal advice and strategy so you rest assured that you get the best outcome. You are permitted to have your attorney by your side providing guidance every step of the way. Collaborative divorces save time, money and stress – everything is on your timeline instead of relying on a slow court system.

Learn More During An Initial Consultation

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