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Child Custody Attorneys Protecting Your Kids And Your Relationship With Them

Having a child is usually the most magical time in a person’s life. Good parents will do absolutely anything for their children, and watching your children grow into the adults they will one day become is heartwarming. But that joy can quickly turn sour if your child’s other biological parent doesn’t agree with you about how to parent them.​

The skilled attorneys at Ruppert Law Firm LLC are here to help guide you through child custody proceedings regardless of whether you are going through a divorce or were never married to your co-parent. We understand how difficult and stressful this experience can be (for all involved), and we work tirelessly to protect your kids and your rights as a parent.

The Basics Of Child Custody In Pennsylvania

There are two types of custody in the commonwealth, legal and physical. Legal custody is a parent’s authority to make important decisions about their child’s education, medical care, religious upbringing and more. It is often awarded to both parents equally, but certainly not always. Physical custody refers to having the child in your possession and under your care. It must be awarded in the best interests of the child, and courts like to keep both parents involved when possible. Based on more than a dozen considerations, physical custody can be awarded to one parent (sole physical custody), to both parents in equal measure (shared physical custody) or to both parents unequally.

The proposed custody agreement is put into a parenting plan and submitted to a judge for approval. The two parents can negotiate the terms themselves in consultation with their attorneys. This is typically the fastest and easiest way to create a parenting plan, and it gives both parents more control over the terms. If parents cannot reach an agreement (or even sit down to negotiate with one another), each can submit their own parenting plan and leave the decision up to the court.

Our attorneys are here to assist you with any aspect of child custody, including initial orders and petitions for modification. Whether you are concerned about your ex’s parenting abilities, want to spend more time with your kids or want to modify a custody order because your circumstances have changed, we provide the guidance and representation you need.

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At Ruppert Law Firm LLC, we know your children are the most important thing to you in the world, and there is nothing you wouldn’t do to ensure they live the best lives possible.​ We will take that same fierce passion and advocate for you in the courts, allowing you to be the best parent you can be for your kids. We’ll be by your side when you need it the most.

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