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What to do about social media during a family law dispute

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2022 | Family Law

Social media platforms are means of communication with others and can be a source of support and advice. It would make sense to turn to your friends on your favorite social media platform to vent or ask for advice now that you find yourself facing a divorce.

However, social media use during divorce can be a minefield. Small missteps online during or right before your divorce can have catastrophic consequences for you. What do you need to know about social media use during your divorce?

Anything you say or have said online is fair game

There is no such thing as privacy when it comes to social media during a divorce. You can share things with your friends after you block your spouse, only to have one of your co-workers send your content to your spouse in a personal message.

Even if no one you know betrays your trust, either spouse can request the social media activity of the other as part of the discovery process in the divorce. Comments and posts that you have previously deleted or made private could turn up during that discovery process and impact your divorce proceedings.

The less you say online before the end of the divorce, the better

Although it can feel like a form of self-isolation to avoid social media use during your divorce, you want to minimize what you share online to prevent giving your spouse ammunition that they could use against you. It’s worth considering using social media as evidence yourself if there is proof of adultery or other major misconduct online, but you should realize that a discovery request on your part will inevitably lead to them coming over your social media records as well.

Although you may want vindication for your suspicions of infidelity or if your ex saying terrible things about you to other people, many hours spent reviewing and analyzing social media evidence will inevitably drastically increase how expensive and stressful your divorce is. While it can be hard to avoid talking about your divorce or avoid using social media altogether, doing so is a temporary change that could lead to a less stressful divorce process for your entire family.

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