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No One Plans To Get Divorced, But It Happens

At Ruppert Law Firm LLC, we know that people get married for a lot of different reasons. When clients tell us why they think they chose to marry the person they did, they usually say it was some combination of: ​​

  • “It felt like the time in my life I was supposed to get married.”
  • “We were together for a while and marriage seemed like the next logical step.”
  • “I loved them then, but they’re not the same person I married.”
  • “All my friends were getting married and I didn’t want to be left behind.”
  • “I wanted kids.”​

One thing we never hear, though, is “I got married because I wanted to get divorced someday.”

And yet, the statistics don’t lie. 90% of people will be married at least once before they are 50 years old, and over 40% of first marriages end in divorce. The rate is well over 50% for second marriages, and only gets higher from there. So many adults will be faced with this difficult situation. No two divorces are alike, and none of them are ever easy. But working with the right attorney (like those at our firm) can make a significant and positive difference in both the process and the outcome of your divorce.

Offering Comprehensive Representation And A Tailored Approach Based On Your Needs

We are here to tell you that there can be a good life on the other side of a divorce. Our attorneys can guide you through all aspects of your case, including representation in matters related to:

The way you approach the process makes all the difference. A scorched-earth approach when your spouse is willing to compromise usually doesn’t make your life better in the long run. On the other hand, trying to be civil may lead to you being taken advantage of if your former partner is trying to do whatever they can to “win” the divorce.​

At Ruppert Law Firm LLC, we fight when we need to, compromise when we should and have the wisdom to know the difference. Whether you are thinking of getting divorced or know that it is the only solution, we will help guide you to the better life on the other side.

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