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How Long Will The Divorce Process Last?

Once the momentous decision to separate is made, most people are very eager to have the divorce finalized and behind them, so they can move on with their lives. Divorce is an incredibly stressful situation, and at the beginning of the process, our clients often have questions about what the timeline will look like.

There is no one answer for how long a Pennsylvania divorce will take. The timeline is dependent on:

  • You
  • Your spouse
  • How willing you both are to compromise on things such as the separation of your assets and the custody of your children
  • Navigating the complicated court system

If you and your spouse both agree that you would like the divorce as quickly as possible, you can obtain a collaborative divorce. You both will retain separate attorneys but agree at the beginning of the process to not sue each other and go to court for your divorce. This hastens the process, and many amicable divorces can be as short as about 90 days from filing to decree as long as both parties are responsive.

Unfortunately, if one of you is unwilling to cooperate, the process can take much longer, even years. If one party does not wish to be divorced, it takes at least two years from the date of your separation before the state of Pennsylvania will grant a divorce. If both parties cannot agree on the division of property or custody, a divorce can take even longer than that, since the courts will have to decide what they think is the fairest way to separate your lives.

In other words, divorces are complicated, and it is impossible to provide a pat answer for how long it takes to get divorced without knowing details about you, your spouse, and the county you are pursuing the divorce in. If you are considering a divorce or would like to expedite the process as much as you can, we can help you at Ruppert Law Firm LLC. Our experienced attorneys know the ins and outs of Pennsylvania divorce, and while we can’t guarantee any timeline, we can guarantee that we will diligently work to make your divorce as smooth as possible and to be by your side when you need it most.

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